Nature at your feet

Saverne, birthplace of Club Vosgien (Vosges hiking club) and gateway to the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, cultivates a love of the Vosges forests and hills.
Sentiers balisés
Theme tours to discover natural, historic and sacred heritages. The archeological trail, three chapels trail, woodland trails.
For amateurs of thrills and sensations there are mountain bike trails and rockclimbing sites.
...and ideal conditions for horseriding excursions (in the area which welcomed Equirando 2006).
Hiking tour suggestions can be downloaded from the internet site :
Following various theme trails, cycling enthusiasts can discover the region of Saverne at their own leisure, as well as on the cycle track along the Rhine/Marne Canal (either direction Lutzelbourg 10km or Strasbourg 45kml).
For those who prefer to sightsee from the sky, take your paraglider to the take-off site at Reinhardsmunster.